UW Hosts BYU for "Husky Rugby Clubhouse" Dinner

After a hard fought match, the Huskies hosted a "Husky Rugby Clubhouse" dinner for BYU on UW Campus.  The meal was a catered pasta buffet which fed over 85 BYU & UW players, coaches, and staff.   At each table, every other seat was occupied by a UW and BYU player, and both sides ate together and shared in the camaraderie and post-match traditions of the sport of rugby.  Thank you to all the Husky Rugby Alumni Members which helped sponsor the event!  Stay tuned for post-match Husky Rugby Clubhouse events at upcoming home games that will be open to players, parents, and alumni.  

UW and BYU players pack the room for a pasta feed

UW and BYU players eating together

The feed was hosted at the Health Sciences Building on UW Campus

UW and BYU players & coaches attended the event

Coach Brian Schoener (standing far right) and UW Captain Ryan Brennan (to the left of Schoener) give out the BYU Man of the Match.