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Profile: Nate Lungstrom

By HRAA, 06/10/17, 1:30PM PDT


Nathan ("Soggy Bottoms") Lungstrom, Captain and President of UW Rugby’s 2016-2017 season, is graduating senior with a Bachelors of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Physiology.  Upon graduation Soggy's first experience will be volunteering in Myanmar and Thailand training EMTs.  He is departing on June 30th, and his first assignment is with the Myanmar Emergency Medical Services (M-EMS) where he will be assisting with the training of locals to become EMT’s outside of Yangon.  Nate will be helping lead scenario based training  monitoring and critiquing the trainees through various scenarios.  His second assignment will be in Kanchanaburi, Thailand where he will work as an EMT with M-EMS, as well as partnering with Crossfire Relief International, another not for profit organization. From here, his options open up to work as a remote EMT in the jungles of Thailand starting in October, giving relief and medical attention to the indigenous Hill Tribe People.