Ryan Job Memorial Rugby Scholarship


Ryan Job played Husky Rugby for three seasons beginning in 1999.

Inspired by his patriotism and a sense of duty following the attacks on the United States in 2001, Ryan enlisted in the United States Navy after completing his junior year at the University of Washington with the goal of becoming a Navy Seal.

By 2004, Ryan completed his special warfare training, was awarded his Trident and the coveted distinction as a Navy Seal, and was assigned to Seal Team Three.

While deployed to Iraq in 2006 Ryan became a seasoned combat veteran.

Ryan was acknowledged for his gallantry, and bravery with a bronze star for valor, the Navy Achievement Medal, and the Purple Heart.

Severely wounded by a sniper’s bullet in battle, Ryan became blind in both eyes and was subsequently medically retired from the naval service.

Despite his blindness Ryan resolved to be “the best blind man there is” and set about reshaping his life.

He became a national spokesman for Camp Patriot, an organization that empowers disabled veterans through outdoor activities, climbed Mt. Rainer twice, and completed his business degree with a 4.0 GPA.

Tragically in 2009, Ryan passed away suddenly while recovering from one of his many facial reconstruction surgeries.

Sep 30

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